Dodowa meets Solbad

Dodowa meets Solbad

Soccer youth tournament and charity match for children and youth in Ghana from May 26th - May 28th 2022

Behind the Project

The Idea

Our project team - Emily, Robin, Marvin, Yasin, Sara and Karen - visited the children's home "Potter's Village" in Dodowa, Ghana, for four weeks from September to October 2021 and were able to witness with their own eyes the happiness, but also the difficult living situation of the children and young people at the children’s home in Dodowa. All proceeds and donations from the event "Dodowa meets Solbad" will directly go to "Potter’s Village" in Dodowa and thus contribute to improving the living conditions of the children and young people of the children's home. 

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Behind the Project

This is what we plan

Youth Tournament

from May 26th – 27th with 16 E-youth teams from Germany

Charity Match

28.05.2022 TuS Solbad & legends vs. SUS Steenfelde

Commitment in Ghana

Proceeds from the event "Dodowa meets Solbad" go to the children’s home "Potter’s Village" in Ghana

Behind the Project

Our Goal

TuS Solbad Ravensberg supports the event "Dodowa meets Solbad" as an important starting point for the promotion of intercultural exchange. The event takes place within the framework of a long-term partnership with the children’s home "Potter’s Village" in Ghana, for which TuS Solbad Ravensberg - together with the city of Borgholzhausen – is planning different events in the upcoming years. These pursue a twofold goal: On the one hand, all proceeds and donations of the annually planned events are intended to sustainably improve the living conditions of the children and young people in "Potter’s Village" in Ghana. On the other hand, TuS Solbad Ravensberg hopes that the series of annual charity events will help to create space for young people from different cultures and social backgrounds in Borgholzhausen.

Behind the Project

The Team

Our project team was in Ghana for a few weeks in the fall of 2021, where they gained insights into the lives of children and young people from the children's home "Potter's Village" in Dodowa, Ghana. Information on the team members will follow shortly.

Behind the Project

TuS Solbad Ravensberg 1960 e.V.

TuS Solbad Ravensberg 1960 e.V. is a small multi-discipline sports club from the northernmost district of Gütersloh, which lies at the foot of the Teutoburg Forest, on the border of Lower Saxony in idyllic Borgholzhausen. The gingerbread town is the home of the Ravensburg and constitutes the location for the famous annual running event "Night of Borgholzhausen". Founded on a field in 1960, TuS Solbad now has more than 400 members from over 20 nationalities who are active in the different divisions of the club: soccer, wrestling, Mongolian wrestling, darts and gymnastics. The largest division is soccer, which has more than 275 members.

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Please contact us via e-mail ( if you would like to support us in planning and implementing the event. We likewise greatly appreciate monetary donations – which will directly benefit the children and young people in the children's home "Potter's Village" in Ghana.

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